I got Banned for Life from Amazon Kindle

In this video, I’ll delve into the reasons behind the unavailability of my book “A Different Kind of Knowing” on Amazon. It’s a tale that unravels the complexities of the publishing world and the unforeseen challenges that authors often encounter.

When I first embarked on the journey of publishing “A Different Kind of Knowing,” I envisioned it reaching countless readers, sparking meaningful conversations, and perhaps even igniting a spark of change in the world. However, reality had other plans. Despite initial success and positive feedback, the book faced hurdles that ultimately led to its disappearance from the Amazon marketplace.

In this video, I invite you to explore the journey behind the disappearance of my book from Amazon and reflect on the broader implications for authors, readers, and the future of publishing. Join me as we delve into the untold story behind “A Different Kind of Knowing” and uncover the lessons learned along the way.

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