Everybody is Obsessed with Trying to Fix the World

The world that people are trying to fix is not something out there; it’s inside us. We don’t see the world as it really is, but rather through our own thoughts and feelings. Understanding this will change how we approach conflicts.

Our minds interpret everything we experience. This means that what we see and how we react to it is dictated by our own beliefs, emotions, and past experiences. Two people can witness the same event but “understand” it in completely different ways because of their conditioning leading to different unique perspectives.

To truly “fix” the world, we need to start by changing ourselves. By becoming more aware of how our minds always shape our perceptions, we can begin to see things more clearly. This self-awareness allows us to change the way we think and feel, leading to better decisions and actions.

When our understanding of our inner world deepens, what we perceive as the outer world changes too. We become more understanding, patient, and kind, which can positively impact our relationships and communities. In this way, “fixing” the world starts with each of us looking inward and making changes from within.

This inner work will create a ripple effect, leading to a better and more peaceful world for everyone.

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