Topics Upcoming Podcast

This post is an overview of potential topics I will use in upcoming content. It is an unordered list, so there is no guarantee that content will be produced in the order that is show here, and I might also spontaneous find other topics.

If you want to suggest a topic for an upcoming podcast, you can do so by visiting the contact form page.

The topics here will be used for either new podcasts or new written articles.

  • When you meet Buddha on the road, kill him.
  • Death. What is it?
  • The sun.. just a topic about the sun, and stones, by the water. And maybe other nature elements.
  • Realise that it’s not other people’s love that you need, but your own.
  • Reality, thus truth, doesn’t care at all whether you believe it or not, it is completely uncontaminated by your opinion about it. It is always exactly as it is!
  • If people are not internally ready to hear the non-dual message, is it even sensible to shake them up? ie the road to hell is paved with good intentions.
  • In a perfect world without duality, what exactly is the function of the mind?
  • How the current world would change if every human would become self realised, how would we function then?
  • Is Non-Duality dangerous to the gullible person?
  • Guaranteed Awakening
  • The Nonsense of a Self
  • Spiritual Materialism. A Spiritual message aimed at the Ego.
  • Judging or Discernment? Right or wrong?
  • Anger
  • Money and Spirituality
  • The “Spiritual Police”
  • I am never going to learn this, there is too much I have to remember
  • Sex
  • Spiritual bypassing


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