Does The Human Being have free will?

When we talk about the concept of free will, then most of the time, people do just have an automatic standard answer.

And the answer is, yes of course I do have a free will. Our entire society is built upon this belief, that is exerted primarily through the justice system.

But very rarely do we ever dive deep into this question. The question: Do we actually have free will?

So that is what I will be doing in this writing, we will together take a fresh look at this question.

So before we even try to answer the question, we need to ask ourselves: What do we actually mean by the concept of free will?

Well it must mean that you have the ability to exert your will, and that your ability to exert your will is free. Free meaning that it is unlimited, unrestricted and for you to manifest it at all times.

So if our inquiry shows us that reality does not live up to these criterias, then the answer to the question, do we have a free will, must be no.

Okay so far so good.

Let’s start our inquiry with presuming that we do actually have a free will. What would that then entail?

Well it must mean that I am free to have “my will be done”. We can also say it like this, I must be Free to “My will be done”. So are we free to say “My will be done” ?

To this question the answer is simple. No, of course not. We are not able to excerpt that kind of power and control.

I hope that you are able to see that if you were free to “my will be done”, then you would be almighty, you would be able to command everything. You would be able to manifest anything at your will.

So if you think that you have this kind of free will then I ask you to exert it right now. Make a miracle happen or strike me dead as you read this. I don’t care, if you have this kind of free will, then prove it. Or perhaps kill yourself by holding your breath.

It’s ridiculous.

So of course you cannot exert “my will be done” The idea that we are able to “let my will be done” is simply absurd

So if we are to take this concept literally then we must say: “No we have no free will”.

You cannot do anything that is not already, by the Universe, offered to you as an option!

So if the question about free will is to be taken literally, the answer is crystal clear, we have no free will.

The human ego does not like that, so it deceives itself by loosening up the concept of free will, just enough so that it still can believe in it. That is normally done by altering the concept of free will to instead meaning something like having a free choice.

But: Do we then have a free choice?

This question I will talk about in the next writing, that I will be releasing very soon.

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