Duality versus nonduality

This essay goes to the very core of the duality illusion. It has the potential to open you up to a deeper seeing, I therefore recommend that you read it slowly and several times.

The “world” of duality only exists as words.

The “world” of duality only exists as thoughts.

Words are the very “fabric” that duality is created from. Words point towards “something”, and therefore, when using language, will create the illusion that reality consists of “things”.

This is the illusion of separate “things” – hence duality.

If language is, what creates all the difficulties, is language then the “sinner”? Should we get rid of the language?  No, language and words are not problematic in themselves.

Problems arises with the belief that words in any form, are able to represent reality.

Words cannot represent reality. Words are only labels pointing towards something. In themselves words are without any substance, without any content.

Words, and thereby language is only a tool. It’s a way of communicating, but in and of themselves, words are empty.

No human being knows what’s actually going on. No human being knows what existence really is. No human being will ever come to know conceptually what is actually going on. Why is that? That is because conceptual knowing indicates, knowing in words, and existence cannot be known in words.

Why can existence not be known in words?

Because all that words can do is to divide, to fragment. That’s why every time science finds an “answer” to an old question, they always ends up with new questions.

What science thought was an answer, was actually just a new fragmentation, a new way of dividing reality conceptually, and in words, in using language, there is no end to this. Nobody will ever be able to reach a point where they can say,”This is the final answer to everything”, because language cannot express reality.

So concepts are not actually solving anything, concepts are not demystifying anything. Concepts are only making the imagined world of duality more and more complex.

Why is it important to realize that concepts cannot express truth? It is important, because almost every human being on earth is looking for themselves in concepts!

Almost every human being is trying to define themselves in concepts. But concepts cannot define what it means to be a human being. Concepts are always only pointing towards “something”, the concept and the “thing” are not the same, they cannot be the same.

Trying to define what a human being is by concepts, only creates fragmentation, it creates division, and thereby confusion. This very division creates a search, a search for who I am. But the search will go on everlasting, for no answer in words will ever be fulfilling. Any conceptual answer will exist independently of what I really am.

Furthermore the answer, if being believed, creates stress, anxiety, fear etc. because it constantly is in risks of dissolving, all the time being challenged by reality as it is.

Most human beings are so “hypnotized” by words

That they cannot imagine that it’s possible to realize anything, if words are not being used. Most human beings are so programmed by languages, that all they experience is the world they have created inside their own mind, a world that only exists in words.

But that is actually what we human beings have done for thousands of years. Programmed ourselves by languages. When a newborn baby comes into this world, we immediately start the programming. Naming the baby, putting a label on this new life, and repeating this label, pointing towards the baby, and saying “This is who you are!”

In school the programming in words continues, and everybody is told to realize themselves, through skills, job, family, possessions etc – and some get very successful at this, but everybody will feel this emptiness inside, if that’s all they got. They might not have the courage to tell you, but they will feel it, because they try to find the I in a world of words, and words are always in and of themselves – empty.

So let’s look at the word I. When you use the word I what is it pointing towards?

Do you know who you are?

Do you define yourself in words? If you are defining yourself in words, I am sorry that I have to inform you, that you then do not know who you are.

Perhaps you want me to tell you who you really are? I am sorry, but I cannot tell you. It’s not that I do not want to tell you, It’s not that it’s a secret. The reason I cannot tell you what you are, is the obvious. What you are cannot be expressed in words, and therefore it’s impossible for me to tell you who you are. You must discover this for yourself.

How can one discover this?

Let go of words! Be still, and listen. Do not listen for an answer in words. Listen with your whole being. Be patient with yourself, remember that the programming in words will try to deceive you, it will try to talk you out of this investigation, it will try to convince you that the answer lies in words.

Whether you choose to listen to them, is all up to you. But before you give in to the words, ask yourself, who is it, that is just about to give in to the words? If there is “somebody” who is just about to give in to the words, who is this “somebody”?

If there is a “somebody”, who is giving in to the words, then the words and this somebody can’t be the same! Then this “somebody” and the words are two different “things”.

Be still, be silent and you just might discover this “somebody”, and if you do, you have found yourself, but you will not be able to tell anybody about it, because you then know, that it cannot be expressed in words.

But that’s also okay, because you do no longer need to put it into words, instead, you will live it, and at last you are home within yourself, as yourself.

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